Collaborations with other pathologists for the performance of peer reviews. Collaboration with multiple histotechnique laboratories.


Pathology peer review verifies and improves the accuracy and quality of pathology diagnoses and interpretations. Pathology peer review is recommended when important risk assessment or business decisions are based on nonclinical studies. For pathology peer review conducted before study completion, the peer review pathologist reviews sufficient slides and pathology data to assist the study pathologist in refining pathology diagnoses and interpretations.

The goal of the peer review should be to assure the development of accurate pathology data which clearly and cogently support the scientific conclusions.

Patconsult. BCN. S.L. works in close cooperation with other toxicological histopathology sites for the performance of the peer reviews.


Patconsult. BCN. S.L. collaborates with multiple histotechnique laboratories in samples processing:

  • Trimming, processing, embedding and H&E staining
  • Histological routine stains
  • Histochemical stains (PAS, Pearls, Oil red O, etc.)
  • Special Histology: plastic/resin embedding